The Advantage of Using Stem Cell Therapy

17 Apr

It is essential to note that the stem cell therapy is the administration of the patient's own stem cells into their body to help in repairing damaged tissues and injuries. This is something that can be achieved through injection or IV infusion to maximize the therapy's reach.  There are many benefits of stem cell therapy as discussed below. 

The first benefit is the treatment of orthopedic injuries.  One thing that you should is that this will require Mesenchymal stem cells which has the ability to differentiate and form new orthopedic tissue thus makes muscle, cartilage, adipose tissue, bones, tendons among others. It is essential to note that it works by under-performing the bone marrow stem cells and it is possible when it is dramatically concentrated using centrifuge treatment. This will then help in reducing chronic pain, healing stubborn injuries, improve functionality and return patients to normal status faster. 

Besides, it is also essential in treating cardiovascular diseases. You find that cardiovascular diseases are risky because they will deprive the heart tissues of oxygen as this will cause a scar to form thus changing the blood flow or blood pressure. This should not worry you anymore because it has been confirmed that stem cells that are derived from the adult bone marrow can differentiate into the ones that are needed to repair the heart and blood vessels.  This way they will stimulate repair and growth of blood vessel tissue, generate muscles, decrease formation of scar tissue, decrease overstretching of cardiac cells as well as improving the formation of new capillaries. Check 

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Not only that but it also helps in healing wounds and incision.  You find that stem cells can help in improving the growth of healthy new skin tissue, improve collagen production, and stimulating hair growth after loss or incision.  Apart from that, it also helps in replacing scars with newly formed tissues.  You find that increase in collagen facilitate wound healing by making the skin to shrink as it matures, strengthens and tightens. Apart from that, it can also help in treating connective tissue injuries that are related to collagen or cartilage loss.  Check Pinched Nerves for more info.

Besides, it is also vital in treating neurodegenerative diseases.  One thing that you need to understand is that transplanted adult stem cells can be used in the formation of new brain cells, neurons, and synapses following brain injuries. It is essential to note that it can help by increasing synaptic circuits, optimize functional recovery, offer relief from injury symptoms, slow down disease progression and many more things.  Not only that but it can also work by replacing neurons that are destroyed by the ischemic lesions following stroke. Visit for other references.

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